276 people generously gave of their time to reflect on the tragic event that occurred in Nigeria in April 2014. They were free to decide whether to participate or not, and they were also free to take their own picture. They are free people with freewill. Each person, selflessly, took a self-portrait to document their participation in this project. Their self-portraits were printed on a cotton fabric to be exhibited to the public.


    As those fabric-printed self-portraits will eventually fray and disappear, photographs were taken of them to be presented in this iBook. The fabric’s texture and imperfections can be seen merged as one with the portraits.


      Felix Ossa was born in Medellín, Colombia. When he was 21 years old, he migrated to London, in the United Kingdom, where he became a citizen and lived for almost 10 years. He is currently living in Los Angeles,

      in the United States of America.


      Felix's works (performance-like), focus on identity and social perception of popular issues.

      His collaborations and self-portraiture include photography, video, installation, and iBooks.


      These works are based on personal awareness and the news on the television and social media. They have been constructed, in some cases, expanding from previous works or with the use of appropriated media, told again and orchestrated thanks to the collaboration of many people.

      Get in touch to be part of future projects!


*This iBook serves as documentation of an installation.

Link para descargar el iBook  276 FELIX OSSA


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